ambassadeur JanView our ambassadors’ video message! Jan Lenaerts is a Belgian polar researcher.

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Keep the Arctic ice cool

The Arctic ice on the North and South pole is melting significantly due to human activities. As a result, our planet’s “air conditioning” is not functioning as it should, our climate is changing due to global warming and sea levels may also rise.

We can still stop this process by working together on both national and international level. MOS (Duurzame scholen/sustainable schools) and the Eco schools are calling on all schools to submit their event or project and show their commitment as of 17 February, Dikketruiendag (Thick Jumper Day). The project can involve more than drinking hot cocoa or knotting a scarf. Every school can submit its activities and partners using the contest form. We will reward the best ideas with a fun prize!

Keep the Arctic ice cool!

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